Tuesday, August 25, 2015

ABC7: MCPS Special Ed Bus Attendant arrested for sexually assaulting wife with a curling iron

It is important to note that in the past MCPS did not consider arrests of MCPS staff that do not involve students to be their concern.  
That is, a case like this would have been ignored by MCPS and the Board of Education. The staff member could have been left in contact with children, even after this arrest.  

Thanks to ABC7's Kevin Lewis for reporting that the individual arrested works for MCPS!  Let's see how the Board of Education handles this arrest now that ABC7 has exposed that MCPS is this person's employer and that this person has daily contact with vulnerable public school children. This arrest was August 17, 2015.  The MCPS website still lists this individual.

MCPS staff directory as of 8/25/2015

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