Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Breaking News: MCPS finally has an EMPLOYEE Code of Conduct.

Finally, after years of arrests and disciplinary actions, MCPS has a Code of Conduct for EMPLOYEES.  Students have had a Rights and Responsibilities document for decades, but MCPS staff have not had a Code of Conduct.  That meant that what was acceptable behavior by staff varied from school to school and from staff person to staff person.

Here are some examples of what is contained in the brand new MCPS EMPLOYEE Code of Conduct.  Note that many of these activities have occurred in the past and the staff member involved was allowed to retain their job.  In fact, some of these activities were not considered to be a problem at all by MCPS or the Board of Education.  Look at what MCPS is now stating is prohibited behavior in the following excerpts from the brand new MCPS EMPLOYEE Code of Conduct. The complete Employee Code of Conduct is available below these screen shots.


  1. Bravo! The leadership here helped make it happen. More to accomplish but a great breakthrough. The posts are being read!

  2. Good luck enforcing the "Employee Code of Conduct."

  3. its a good start....in concept. but the amount of self policing will be astronomical for it to be effective


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