Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Another MCPS Bus Fire #495 #WestlandMiddleSchool

Students evacuated to side of Beltway/495


  1. Students arrived safely to school about 25 minutes ago. The security assistants, health technician and I greeted them.

    They had a lot to say about their evacuation experience and their selfies with fire fighters!

    They are to be commended for their maturity during the experience.

    Four students left to be checked out by the health technician and their parents are being contacted.

  2. With the number of buses arriving at Westland, it is a miracle that more incidents like this don't occur.

  3. How can a $2.4B school system not do the maintenance required to keep school busses from burning?

    1. To fix or not to fix that is the question.


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