Thursday, October 8, 2015

Megaschool at Walter Johnson

Members of the PTSA listserv at Walter Johnson High School received this email from the principal this afternoon. 38 new classrooms being proposed.  Yellow highlights my own.

Dear Walter Johnson High School Community Members,
    You may have already received a mailing sent out by MCPS regarding a meeting on October 15th at 7 p.m., but I wanted to send out a note in case folks did not see the invitation. The meeting will be held here at the school in our cafeteria. The architectural firm Samaha, who has been selected to do the designs for a feasibility study , will present the different design options for a potential 38 classroom addition to Walter Johnson High School. Please note that at this point there has only been approval for a feasibility study. It is not in the school budget at this point.
     After the presentation you will have the opportunity to ask the architects and MCPS staff questions. The purpose of this meeting is to get your input regarding the preferred design for the potential addition to our school. This meeting is not to discuss the growth in our community or some of the other options that are being mentioned by our neighbors and community members. For now, the only decision that has been made for WJ is to study putting a potential addition onto our school.  There are other future meetings by Park and Planning and MCPS with regard to growth and options for schools in our area. As I hear those dates we will get that information out to the community.
Thank You,
Jennifer Baker 
Jennifer Baker

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