Monday, November 9, 2015

Exclusive: Bowers Dissolves Sexual Abuse of Students by Staff Task Force

The Parents' Coalition has learned that Interim (probably future) Superintendent Larry Bowers has disbanded the Sexual Abuse of Students by Staff Task Force started by Superintendent Joshua Starr in 2014.   The media is no longer interested in the sexual abuse of MCPS students by teachers and staff, so there is no need to maintain a fake task force, right? 

Below is the December 2014, press conference Superintendent Starr held to talk about the work of the task force.  Much of what he says the task force will do, was never done.  The "community" that Starr claims was participating on this task force included exactly two MCPS parents, and the police department had only participated in one meeting at the time of this press conference. 

The task force no longer has a leader and no meetings are scheduled.  In fact, the task force has not met since the spring.  

Did all employees take the training Superintendent Starr claimed they would take? The public has no clue and the task force will obviously not be reporting on this.

In this video Superintendent Starr touts a robust database that he is starting to keep a list of suspected abusers.  Yet, just a few months later this database was allegedly shut down.  Apparently, the database was not such a great idea.  What other great ideas did Starr have that were immediately shut down?

Who is watching over MCPS' implementation of training, alleged new procedures, and the new Employee Code of Conduct?

Who is keeping your children safe today?
It's certainly not the Montgomery County Board of Education. 

Press talks with MCPS public relations after the press conference: 


  1. Today’s show: “Lessons on Abuse, Secrecy and Justice.” At noon, Kojo Nnamdi, guests, and listeners will discuss “the challenges of bringing cases of sexual abuse of minors to light, societal reluctance to discuss this difficult topic and what we can learn from [Bronyx’s Horace Mann School] scandal.” I hope that they will include what we can learn from recent MCPS experiences, too. (

  2. The pillars of our community provide the immunity and treat societal conscience with the code of silence.


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