Friday, November 20, 2015

Franchot on Pearson: “I think it’s a lousy company. I regret our involvement with it.”

Franchot: “It’s a lousy company”
Those problems have not gone unnoticed in Maryland.
During an August meeting of the state’s Board of Public Works in Annapolis, Comptroller Peter Franchot teed off on NCS Pearson’s track record. He said: “Pearson developed tests that are inappropriate to the age group, ambiguously worded, self-contradictory and therefore are virtually impossible for a majority of grade school children to pass.”
He went on, in a rant: “I think it’s a lousy company. I regret our involvement with it.”
Franchot’s spokesman, Andrew Friedson, said the comptroller remained adamantly on guard.
Friedson said, in a statement: “Comptroller Franchot remains adamantly opposed to the state’s obsession with standardized tests, which detract from teachers’ ability to effectively teach and students’ ability to actually learn. He is particularly concerned with Pearson’s atrocious track record with testing products here and throughout the country and believes that it is impossible to overstate the damage this company and its academic testing products have done to the education of our kids.”

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