Monday, November 23, 2015

[Jay] Matthews receives a failing grade in this case for his inability to understand the needs of our children. .@washingtonpost

Below is a comment on The Washington Post article by Jay Mathews in today's paper.  
The column by Mr. Mathews is nothing more than click bait and we will not link to the original column.  The comment below is an excellent response to the Post's failure to research, investigate and present balanced reporting of public school education issues. 
Denise Marshall, COPAA Executive Director
9:52 AM EST
Mr. Matthews is shamefully misguided in his praise. Congratulations should be reserved for districts who do the right thing to assure students with disabilities can benefit from their educational program and learn at school, not those who employ a strategy which relies on tactics to harass and intimidate families. The issue is not the money spent on lawyers or placements, the issue is providing educational services for all students; some who are the most impacted children in the county. While Mr. Mathews article leaves the impression that the school system’s tactics are justified because of expensive placements, private placements are provided in a limited number of cases for those students who have the highest level of need and those aggressive tactics are utilized for the county in all types of cases, including those where the student wants to remain in their neighborhood schools. Families and school administrators may disagree about the appropriate services for a student, there should be, however, no disagreement that parents should be treated with respect and dignity when seeking school system services made available to all students. Mr. Matthews receives a failing grade in this case for his inability to understand the needs of our children.


  1. The victims, the families of children with special needs, can't cure the crime; MCPS must change the caustic culture.

  2. Only the voters can change the culture. These Board of Ed members that direct this school system are voted in again and again. This is up to the voters.


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