Monday, November 30, 2015

Joshua Starr Certified that MCPS Remediated for Positive Radon Test Results #fib

It is now 2015, and we know that when MCPS found high radon levels in classrooms back around 2013 they did nothing.

What was the point of doing any remediation for high radon levels when the Green Schools application had already been submitted and MCPS won for two schools?

It's all about the application, the awards, and the happy press releases.

It's not about the safety of the students and teachers.

Read the complete MCPS Green Ribbon Schools application at the link below.  What else in this application did MCPS fib about?

2013 US Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools Application

1 comment:

  1. Are children at these schools today?
    Did anyone do ANYTHING?

    Did they test over the Thanksgiving break?


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