Monday, November 9, 2015

Kojo Show Won't Report on Sexual Abuse of Students Right Here in Montgomery County

The Kojo Nnamdi show has as their tag line, "Connecting your neighborhood with the world."

Yet, today the Kojo Nnamdi show will highlight the sexual abuse of students that took place in New York.   Meanwhile, the decades of documented sexual abuse of MCPS students here in Montgomery County is ignored in the media. 

Today at noon the Kojo Nnamdi show will discuss:

Generations of students at the prestigious Horace Mann School in the Bronx knew something wasn’t quite right. [CHECK - WE HAD THAT IN MCPS.] Rumors swirled for decades before an alumni brought the truth to light – stories of sexual abuse that ultimately resulted in twenty-two former teachers and administrators at the school being accused.  [CHECK - WE HAD THAT IN MCPS.] Those seeking justice for these alarming, decades-old wrongs have been frustrated by legal statutes of limitation and the school’s reaction. [CHECK. CHECK. DOUBLE CHECK. SAME IN MCPS.] We consider the challenges of bringing cases of sexual abuse of minors to light, societal reluctance to discuss this difficult topic and what we can learn from this scandal.

Marc Fisher Senior Editor, The Washington Post
Amos Kamil author, "Great is the Truth: Secrecy, Scandal, and the Quest for Justice at the Horace Mann School" with Sean Elder; playwright; screenwriter

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  1. Not surprised. Let's get the New York media to cover Montgomorrah County.


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