Tuesday, November 17, 2015

MCPS Office of Shared Accountability Director Gone

In 2013, Superintendent Joshua Starr brought in a new associate superintendent for the MCPS Office of Shared Accountability.


Mr. Sanderson is no longer shown as a MCPS employee, and he is not listed on the list of employees for the MCPS Office of Shared Accountability.


It turns out he went right back to Texas.

That means, that at this time there is no one in charge of this office:

The Office of Shared Accountability (OSA) provides information and analyses to support continuous improvement in the academic and operational services at Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS).


  1. Do you really think we'll be able to see the difference?

  2. Did you watch the BOE Strategic Planning meeting this morning? It was an absolute disaster. Kim Statham had to come in to the meeting to try to rescue the discussion.
    "Accountability" has been turned over the to the MCPS Chief Technology Officer.
    We know he can sell Promethean Boards, but what in his background has anything to do with public school accountability measures?
    The lack of knowledge was palpable.

    1. Kim really, A hot mess. She can't rescue anything, no vision. Look at how she messed up OSSI. A bunch of inexperienced directors. A hot mess all for her selfish ambitions which backfired in her face. She wanted to become the next MCPS superintendent. You reap what you sow Statham.

    2. Is this the same "Kim Statham?"


      If so... WOW.

    3. And on a more satirical note:


  3. "Accountability" has been turned over the to the MCPS Chief Technology Officer. "

    Now we are all in for it
    He has shown such a lack of transparency and accountability in regards to the health risks from wifi that it is hard to fathom anyone giving him such a position?

    What complete insanity. a true three ring circus here at MCPS.

  4. Is that the same" English major "who is in charge of radiation? yikes!!!!!

  5. The MCPS group facility
    Does not have the agility
    To bring accountability
    Since any such ability
    Will harm profitability.

  6. Look at it this way. If we aren't going to have accountability anyway, why pay some to NOT do it. At least our lack of accountability will be free now.


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