Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Google sued for collecting student data! Not a surprise - need you to take a 1 min. survey about your child's google chromebook activity

I have written about this issue over the past year, and wanted to let you know that a lawsuit has been filed against Google regarding their massive collection of your child's digital behavior, by Electronic Frontier Foundation (www.eff.org)

I urge you to read this short article about all this data collection on your child:

I then urge you to take their survey so they have updated information, which takes less than a minute to complete.

Please send to any other parents you might know, even if at another school.


4th grader Student

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  1. Google response to the EFF complaint is that the schools can control such functions. MCPS must turn off any data collection defaults of the Chromebooks or they will be liable. My student's Google account had the voice recording feature on by default!


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