Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Los Angeles Public Schools Argued 14 yr old partly to blame for sexual abuse by teacher #institutionalAbuse #re-abuse

...In a letter to the California Supreme Court this week, archdiocesan attorneys had objected to an appellate court’s ruling that plaintiffs only prove that an institution knew an employee had a “potential” for sexual abuse instead of a “dangerous propensity,” as the trial court judge had instructed jurors in the L.A. Unified case.
In that case, the district argued a 14-year-old girl was partly to blame for sexual abuse by her then-math teacher at Edison Middle School during 2010 and 2011. The teacher, Elkis Hermida, was convicted of lewd conduct with a minor and sentenced to three years in state prison, but the girl has filed a civil suit against L.A. Unified, claiming negligence.
A jury found that L.A. Unified was not liable because the girl and the teacher concealed their behavior from school officials. But the Court of Appeal reversed that decision last month, saying that L.A. Superior Court Judge Lawrence Cho erred in using the “dangerous propensity” standard and in allowing evidence of the girl's past sexual history and arguments that she was partly to blame for her abuse. The appellate court ordered a new civil trial....
...“They’re arguing for more protection for institutions that allow molestation instead of more protections for children,” said Frank Perez, attorney for the girl in the L.A. Unified case. “It’s very offensive.”...


  1. When you have money and know people you can most likely get away with anything you want.. .

  2. Blame the child for sexual abuse... what a great idea!

    Maybe MCPS could have all students sign a waiver, which would fully indemnify the school system against any charges of sexual abuse in the future... Problem solved!

    1. Getting justice in MontGomorah County is harder than passing a camel through the eye of a needle.


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