Sunday, December 6, 2015

WJLA TV: MCPS responds to 7 ON YOUR SIDE report of dangerous radon levels in schools

The actual radon test reports continue to be withheld from parents and teachers, but in the meantime, MCPS is reportedly going to test all schools again.

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  1. If MCPS is charging for these documents, that is reprehensible. However, if Parents Coalition needs money for FOIA'd documents, please put up a PayPal "Contribute" button on your blog site. I for one will give some small amount ($10 - $50) to help fund your work and get to the truth.

  2. Thank you for the suggestion and offer. At this time, we are continuing to work to obtain these documents without agreeing to extortion from MCPS.

    It would be helpful if parents, teachers, and other interested parties request the "2000 to 2015 room-by-room detailed radon reports" for their respective schools. To request the reports, just send an email to In your email, state that you are seeking "a copy of the 2000 to 2015 room-by-room detailed radon reports for (school of interest) and provide your name and address. It would also be helpful if parents and teachers forward any responses that they receive to Feel free to redact your name and address. In any case, we will not publish names or addresses of those who request reports unless the requester specifically advises us to do so.


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