Tuesday, December 1, 2015

WTOP: Elevated radon levels at Montgomery Co. schools prompt concerns

By Kate Ryan 

WASHINGTON — Parents alarmed by the news that elevated levels of radon have been found in 26 Montgomery County schools and two school system facilities say they want answers — including what remediation efforts have been carried out.

According to information supplied by the school system, some of those elevated ratings were discovered as far back as 2012.

Montgomery County council member Craig Rice, who backed county legislation requiring radon testing when single family homes are sold, says he’s concerned about the findings.

“I was actually in contact with the schools back when we had originally introduced the radon legislation and was assured that testing was being done and that those levels were safe,” he said.

Rice says he now has more questions for school officials.

The Fallsmead Elementary PTA hosted a meeting Tuesday night, where officials from the school system were expected to explain the findings in the report, made public by the Parents Coalition.

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  1. For all those Parents’ Coalition bashers and neigh Sayers: Correct me if I’m wrong, but Parent’s Coalition broke this story on Monday November 23, 2015, with their dogged tenacity and relentless quest for FACTS (in this case MCPS Radon test reports). No news agency did this. Only AFTER Parents’ Coalition found and reported on the FACTS and then even more FACTS (MCPS falsified reports), major news outlets picked up the story. This scenario has happened MANY times. Thank you, Parents’ Coalition for your heroic work in exposing the truth of our failed $2.4B school system and protecting our kids.


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