Friday, February 5, 2016

"Charette is French for Charade" - Planned Overcrowding of Public Schools

Tom Hearn gave the following public comment at the February 4, 2016, Montgomery County Council public hearing on the Westbard Sector Plan.  
Mr. Hearn's statement applies to a number of communities that have participated in the County planning process in the last few years. 


  1. Actually that's not what the word means at all says wikipedia The word charrette is French for "cart" or "chariot". In the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris in the 19th century, it was not unusual for student architects to continue working furiously in teams at the end of the allotted term, up until a deadline, when a charrette would be wheeled among the students to pick up their scale models and other work for review while they, each working furiously to apply the finishing touches, were said to be working en charrette, in the cart.[1] Émile Zola depicted such a scene of feverish activity, a nuit de charrette or charrette night, in L'Œuvre (serialized 1885, published 1886), his fictionalized account of his friendship with Paul Cézanne.[2] The term evolved into the current design-related usage in conjunction with working right up until a deadline.[3]

    1. Of course it isn't. It was a joke. Did you listen to the public comment and hear the laughter?

  2. The outdoor parking lot location
    Is what brings us all to this site
    If it is cluttered with construction
    There'll be a mass customer flight.

    And Westbard will be filled with holes
    That the customers will swerve to miss
    Stray nails will cause a rash of flat tires
    And all the drivers will swear and hiss.

  3. There is no "process," only a developer agenda. Of the tens of billions of dollars of development projects in Montgomery County, it only costs developers chump change (about $3M in political contributions to MC executive and council candidates every 4 years) to get EXACTLY what they want... Vastly underfunded development impact taxes, no responsibility to help fund school and road construction, no responsibility to fund services such as police, fire, rescue. And you, the taxpayers are left footing the developers' bill, as you sit on gridlocked roads, while your children sit in portable classrooms with 40 to 50 kids. Do you want to change this... DO IT... Vote the Montgomery County Council incumbents out of office in 2018.

    1. There is a "process" but it has no correlation with the developer agenda.


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