Tuesday, April 26, 2016

120 Cell Tower Applications Coming Soon to Montgomery County Neighborhoods

The Montgomery County Office of Zoning and Administrative Hearings (OZAH) workload is increasing. 
In recent months, an agent for Verizon Wireless has submitted dozens of small cell applications to the Towers Committee and is expected to submit dozens more in the coming weeks; those will make their way to OZAH for hearings in FY 2017.
The Transmission Facilities Coordinating Group, or Towers Group (TFCG), has informed OZAH that it expects to receive about 140 cell tower applications in the coming months with about 120 needing conditional use hearings.  
Under County law, the Applicant has ninety days after TFCG approval to apply for a conditional use. The Department of Permitting Services has indicated that unless the telecommunications facility is to be placed on an existing structure, a conditional use approval will be required before DPS will issue a permit. These conditional use hearings are expected to be hotly contested by nearby homeowners."


  1. There is an election today - I hit your site to see if you have a recommendation. Surprised there's nothing on here.

    1. There is only one Board of Education seat on today's ballot. I am voting for Jeanette Dixon.

    2. Recommendations are pretty useless in Montgomery County as voters follow the Apple Ballot, even if that leads over a cliff.

      The current Board of Education are the Apple Ballot picks and doing the bidding of the Apple. Parents love them. Teachers love them. The are voted back in to office over and over again. Look at Patricia O'Neill, how long has she been on the BOE? See? Everyone loves her. Phil Kauffman should sail right back into another 4 year term. Look how much people love the actions of the current BOE? No need for changes, right? This is Montgomery County! We are #1! World Class!

  2. Wow, 120!!! Holy geez.

  3. where can we find out the potential locations?


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