Monday, April 11, 2016

2015-Del. Korman Got Letter of Advice Re: Only 5 Votes Needed to Raise Property Taxes if for MCPS #CharterLimit

In September of 2015, Delegate Marc Korman received a Letter of Advice from a Maryland Assistant Attorney General.  Apparently, Delegate Korman immediately turned the letter over to the Montgomery County Council.  Delegate Korman has notified us that the Montgomery County  Council received the letter before he did "because the AG's off asks their opinion on this stuff."

The letter discusses whether or not the Council can set a property tax rate that exceeds the Charter limit with less than 9 votes.

The Assistant Attorney General who wrote the Letter of Advice concludes that the Montgomery County Council can raise property taxes above the Charter limit with just a simple majority (5) of the Council if the purpose of the taxes over the Charter limit is for education funding.

The Letter of Advice was released by the Council on April 8, 2016, seven months after it was received and after the conclusion of public comment on the County's Operating Budget last week.

Delegate Korman does not appear to have ever made the letter public.

Here it is:


  1. An office for the state
    Sends advice to the county
    To tax the helpless people
    In order to raise the bounty.

  2. I am insanely curious as to why the MoCo Property Taxes are paid to a PO BOX located in Philadelphia, PA.


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