Thursday, April 7, 2016

MCPS auditor says report indicated a loss of $792 but actual loss was over $9000

Just out from MCPS Internal Audit:  The Northwest High School Independent Activity Fund Audit Report.

Among the findings:
  • Excessive and unauthorized amounts of student money spent on staff refreshments and staff appreciation (a.k.a gifts)
  • Yearbook activity that produced a huge loss. The financial statement indicated a loss of $792, but the auditors determined that the actual loss was over $9000.
  • Field trip fees that exceeded the actual cost of the field trips
  • Charity funds that had been collected but never turned over to the charity
  • And much more

The entire report is available at:


  1. A classic example of creating accounting.

  2. Pleeeeeeeeaaaaase raise our taxes to cover this waste, fraud and mismanagement of money!

    1. Gluttons for punishment?

  3. And the bad audits promotion:!Northwest-Principal-to-Leave-for-Associate-Superintendent%E2%80%99s-Post/cjds/571696290cf28d4bbf4e1795

    1. So true. MCPS doesn't discipline, instead they promote you!

      Remember Ms. Barkley at Clemente MS?

      She is now the Executive Directory at the George B. Thomas Learning Academy

    2. The MCPS Operations Manual:


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