Tuesday, April 5, 2016

MCPS Operating Budget Up $217,389,240 since 2009. MCCPTA Says Budget "Flatlined"

This month PTA's across Montgomery County will be deciding if they should push for a ballot referendum to repeal the "Ficker Amendment."
The MCCPTA memorandum to local PTAs is shown below. 
In the MCCPTA memorandum, some facts are given while others are glossed over.  
For example, the memorandum would have parents believe that the MCPS Operating Budget has flatlined since Fiscal Year 2009. 

In fact, the MCPS Operating Budget has multiple funding sources and the budget has increased since FY 2009 by over $217 MILLION dollars.

MCPS Actual Operating Budget:

FY 2009   $2,038,228,863

FY 2016   $2,255,618,103

Source: MCPS Operating Budget

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  1. I doubt if the PTA came up with this on their own. Clearly they are being fed this by MCPS, not to mention certain councilmembers who are looking for cover to increase property taxes by 8.7%.


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