Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Navarro: Ride On service "would improve the quality of life for residents of Tobytown."

The image on the left shows the location of Tobytown, an isolated community in Potomac, Maryland and the location of the closest Ride On bus stop (red marker) to their community. 

The residents of Tobytown would like Ride On service to be extended to their community so they can take advantage of public transportation through out Montgomery County. 

Currently, the residents WALK the 3 miles from their homes to the closest Ride On bus stop on Travilah Road. 

The next image shows some of the Ride On bus routes that the Tobytown residents use once they walk the 3 miles to the closest Ride On bus stop.

Councilmember Nancy Navarro does not represent this part of the county, but nonetheless, she has written a letter to the Council's Transporation Committee requesting that Tobytown receive Ride On bus service.  

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