Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Residents Respond with Resounding NO to City Plan to Put Cell Towers in Front Yards #gaithersburg

From the City of Gaithersburg website: 
Small cell facilities are becoming increasingly popular as a way of expanding coverage and increasing network capacity. With mobile data traffic expected to double annually, providers have indicated that small cell facilities are necessary to expand the capacity of wireless networks.
Agenda item continues at this link:
This video shows the public comment in response to the above proposal by the City of Gaithersburg.

The residents of the City of Gaithersburg apparently do not agree with the statement above that small cell facilities (DAS Antenna) are "becoming increasingly popular."  This video shows the public comment portion of the April 11, 2016, City of Gaithersburg Mayor and Council meeting.  The video shows 1 1/2 hours of residents strongly opposed to the placement of small cell towers/DAS Antenna in their front yards.  No one spoke in favor of this proposal. 


  1. Hare brained propositions
    Bring on strong oppositions
    And arrive at resolutions
    With questionable solutions.

  2. Developer and special-interest owned politicians took over in Gaithersburg over the last year or so, resulting in a 150% school capacity APFO and proposals such as cell towers on every corner. Other proposals for hyper-development, at taxpayer expense, are coming soon. G'burg is the new developers' playground!


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