Friday, May 6, 2016

Leventhal targets Executive Ball's balance

For 30 years the Executive’s Ball has been a staple for raising money for the arts in Montgomery County, now it is part of a political controversy.
County Council member George Leventhal (D-At large) is asking the Executive’s Ball for four years of records from the charity ball.
While the Executive’s Ball has been an annual event for the past 34 years, this year County Executive Ike Leggett is asking the County Council to match the $200,000 proceeds the ball has raised for the arts in his proposed budget to help fund the arts in Montgomery County.
Leventhal said he and his staff asked for four years of revenue and expenditure statements but they have yet to receive a response from the charity ball.
“It’s a natural question to ask,” Leventhal said. “We don’t give grants to any organization that doesn’t open up their books.”
Chaired by Leggett’s wife Catherine Leggett, the Executive’s Ball has brought business leaders, philanthropists and politicians together to raise money for the arts in the County since 1986...


  1. Leventhal is posturing. Leventhal knows that he will never get an endorsement from Ike Leggett, when he runs for County Executive in 2018 and this is a way to differentiate himself from Leggett’s successor. Many hope that Leventhal will run for County Executive, so when he loses, Montgomery County will finally be rid of this corrupt politician.

  2. "It is as difficult to imagine a political system free of corruption as it is to conceive of a machine without friction." Henry David Thoreau

  3. At least Mr. Leventhal is speaking out on this over-the-top government. He also called out the ridiculous salaries we are paying to county government employees. Many are paid salaries that are the highest in the nation. Only Leventhal brought that out. Still waiting to hear one other councilmember question the multiplicity of non-profits we taxpayers are funding with no accountability.


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