Wednesday, May 4, 2016

More BRT misinformation

Neighbors along certain proposed Bus 'Rapid' Transit (BRT) routes are receiving robocalls with misinformation. Apparently the calls are being paid for by the 'private sector.'

Here is one account of the call:

I just received a second robocall from Steve Silverman, former Councilman now registered lobbyist.  A couple of others in my neighborhood also received this call today.
This was a live person who said:
Operator: "Hi we now have the solution to all the Route 29 problems.  The County Council is about to approve funding for a rapid transit system.  Would you like me to patch you through to the County Council so you can tell them you  support this?"
Me: Who are you calling for?
Operator: Steve Silverman
Me: and  who is Steve Silverman representing?
Operator:  The County Council
Me:  Really?  Steve Silverman is representing the County Council?
Operator: Councilman Steve Silverman
Me: Oh he's on the Council?
Operator: Well let me patch you through to the Council and you can ask
Me:  Where are you calling from?
Operator:  I can't say.
Me:  What company are you calling from?
Operator: I can't disclose that and then she hangs up.

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