Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Pearson rejects call by unions to change its test-centric business strategy

A union-backed resolution calling for Pearson to change its business strategy and to stop relying so much on high-stakes testing in the United States was rejected this week at the annual general meeting of the world’s largest education company.
A coalition of unions — the Britain-based TU Fund Managers, the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund and Unison, which is one of the largest trade unions in Britain — along with 130 individuals had offered a resolution demanding that Pearson “conduct a thorough business strategy review of Pearson PLC, including education commercialization and its support of high-stakes testing and low-fee private schools and to report to shareholders within six months.” It sought an end to what they say is Pearson’s “over-reliance” on educational testing in the United States as well as to the company’s growing business of opening and operating private schools in the developing world. (Read the resolution here.)...


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