Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Police, School System Want to Outfit All County School Buses With Cameras (Inside and Out)

Police, School System Want to Outfit All County School Buses With Cameras:

...Watkins and police officials visited Dallas and Chesterfield, Virginia, to observe Force Multiplier Solution’s “BusGuard” system in action. Watkins said the system also includes the ability to see live footage of what’s happening inside a bus, which he said could be useful if a driver pushed a panic button because of a fight between students or a serious collision with another vehicle.
“If there were a behavior incident with a student or an accident and it gets reported back to the office, we can actually get a live view to give us much better information to be able to respond,” Watkins said.
He said the school system now has cameras inside about half of its buses, but getting access to the video produced by a given camera requires an employee to retrieve it off the bus after the incident is over. With the new vendor, Watkins said the school system could access the live video or access it remotely any time through a password-protected and encrypted online system...

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  1. More gadgets to enable abuse and violation of privacy.


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