Wednesday, September 14, 2016

WJHS Principal "confident that our field is safe for play" despite Report that Cites a "significant hazard" and deterioration

Here is the link to the report that gives Principal Baker "confidence" in the safety of the field now used by WJHS and BCC.


From: "'Baker, Jennifer A'


Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2016 1:38 PM
Subject: [wjptsa] WJHS Turf Field

Dear Walter Johnson High School Community Members,
     You may be aware that there have been a couple of recent news stories questioning the safety of the Walter Johnson High School turf field. In response, I have met with staff from the Montgomery County public Schools (MCPS) Department of Facilities Management and the MCPS Athletic office to learn more about turf field safety and, in particular, our field at Walter Johnson High School. After reviewing our safety records and learning more about how our field is maintained on a regular basis, I am confident that our field is safe for play. MCPS has taken these accusations very seriously and I believe the necessary steps to properly maintain our field and keep it safe for our students is being taken by our staff and MCPS staff.  Additionally, MCPS has created a new website for our community members. The website has excellent information about all of the turf fields in the county. Here is the link:
If you have further questions I suggest that you review the information on the new website which was created at the request of the high school principals with turf fields. It is very informative. Please let me know if you have additional questions about this matter.
Jennifer Baker
Jennifer Baker
Walter Johnson High School


  1. Hey Ms. B.
    The report didn't question the safety, it said the field and track were unsafe.
    Time to beef up your reading skills.
    Do you want your students to cover up reports like this when they get jobs with the fire dept? police dept?
    If someone in public safety lied about a report would you be cool with that?
    In PG that bus driver saved her babies from danger.
    MCPS? cover up

  2. Well, apparently the parents and athletes at B-CC believe it's safe too, they are playing their season at WJ.

  3. "After reviewing our safety records and learning more about how our field is maintained on a regular basis..." Where are these safety records and maintenance records? The parents would like to see them.

  4. Is this based on his track record?


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