Tuesday, July 18, 2017

10 MCPS Cell Tower Tenants Have Not Paid 2016 Property Taxes, Including Comcast

Daly Elementary School cell tower, Germantown, MD
MCPS staff love to pretend that cell towers bring money to our public school system.  However, as the Parents' Coalition exposed in 2011, telecommunications companies were not paying their required property taxes for years.  That means that our government and public schools were actually losing funding because the commercial cell towers were hiding in plain site on government land without paying their property taxes. 

Property taxes support our system of free public schools.

Once again in 2016, 10 telecommunications companies using cell towers on Montgomery County Board of Education property have not yet paid their property taxes. When will those bills be paid? How long should public school children wait for their funding?   

What schools have telecommunications companies that have not yet paid their 2016 property taxes?  
Here is the list:

Blake High School
Kennedy High School
Northwood High School
Sherwood High School
Tilden Middle School
Wheaton High School
Woodwards Road unused school site (Comcast leases most of this property.)

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  1. Not to worry, they'll raise the property taxes of the law abiding citizens as a token of appreciation.


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