Monday, July 10, 2017

MCPS COO Zuckerman Surprises Parents, Skips Promised Design Meeting

According to parents, the introduction of the Preliminary Plans for the modernization (insert new MCPS name for construction here - Rev/Ex) of Potomac Elementary School is being presented to the Board of Education (BOE) tomorrow without the promised community meeting to "review the conceptual design elements of this approach."  

MCPS Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Zuckerman, has apparently communicated to parents that there would be an additional meeting to review the plans.  

The last design meeting was held January 24, 2017.  At that point, parents report that no modifications had been made to the plans presented at the December 19, 2016, meeting nor the January 18, 2017, meeting.  At these previous meetings, parents made multiple suggestions as to how each of the proposed designs could be improved.  

There was apparently no final presentation to the Potomac Elementary School PTA and community so that everyone would know what would be put before the BOE for approval. 

Tomorrow's presentation could well be a surprise for parents and neighbors. 

This is not the first time we have seen MCPS COO Andrew Zuckerman throw parents under the bus.  Remember when he ditched the entire Child Abuse and Neglect Work Group to write his own "report" with another administrator on MCPS' handling of the sexual abuse of students by staff?  

Why do MCPS administrators front that they are working with parents, then stop communicating with them, and then write their own reports, thus leaving out actual parent and community input?

The bigger question is, why do our elected Board of Education members fall for this over and over again?  


  1. Attending parent meetings would be considered work and that is something Dr. Zuckerman just doesn't do. He is a complete failure. He can't answer a single question at the board table w/o texting for help. Maybe MCPS could talk Larry Bower's mustache out of retirement. It alone could out work Zuckerman and I bet it would have been smart enough to keep the budget. If you didn't know, Dr. Zuckerman doesn't have a hand in the operating budget. That was taken out from under him by the CFO. The real question is what exactly does he do?

  2. Did the COO go cuckoo?

  3. It's not the elected BOE members. They are not 'falling' for anything. It's the voters who re-elect them. Over and over. Did you vote for these people? This is what you want.

    1. They want vague, ambiguous and dubious.

  4. The BOE has one employee... the superintendent of schools (yes there are staff that work for the BOE in the office). All other school system employees work for the superintendent. Jack Smith would have to have to fire Dr. Cuckerman.

    1. While that is right, as you say, Smith works for the elected Board of Ed. They can easily direct him to remove Cuckerman. The Board of Ed is supposed to work for the residents of this county. Maybe term limits for board members?


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