Wednesday, July 19, 2017

MCPS says “If the community doesn’t want a tower at the school, it isn’t built there..."

...According to a notice on the NWHS PTSA page, representatives from Montgomery County Public Schools and T-Mobile will be providing more information about the cell antenna proposal.
MCPS spokesperson Gboyinde Onijala said these types of decisions are made with community feedback.
“If MCPS is approached by a company that wants to place a cell tower at one of our schools, we have a very thorough process we go through to gather input from the school community and the neighborhood,” Onijala said. “If the community doesn’t want a tower at the school, it isn’t built there. If the community supports a tower, then the applicant still must get the necessary approvals from the county.”...


  1. Haha! That's funny!

  2. So if the school community
    Wants none in the vicinity
    MCPS acts with civility
    And with responsibility.

    1. Not at all. The Daly Elementary School PTA, parents and neighbors all said no and Superintendent Jerry Weast said too bad and put up a huge cell tower smack dab in the middle of the playground. Pat O'Neill was thrilled with Jerry Weast.


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