Tuesday, July 25, 2017

MCPS Top Salaries $150,000 - $175,000 including Top Principal Salaries, Union President and Internal Auditor (School accounts)

These charts do not include benefits and perks.
First column shows salary for employees on spreadsheet. Example: $275,000 is base salary for Jack R. Smith.
Consultants are not included on these charts. 


  1. Own a residence
    Live the dream
    Support the elite
    Without a grim.

  2. It's a crime how principals like Alton Sumner of North Bethesda Middle School are making as much as $152,905.00 annually. Sumner doesn't care about students or parents and only wants to preserve the status quo. Even when a student's safety and/or future is jeopardy, Sumner covers up and only tries to protect administrators or teaching staff. Sumner: just another thing that is wrong with MCPS.

  3. Organized government
    And organized crime
    Are both in agreement
    They don't give a dime.


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