Thursday, August 9, 2018

Parade of Pollution: July 19 , 2018 - At least 34 Rolls of Artificial Turf and Crumb Rubber Not Taken to White Marsh "Storage Facility" #ArtificialTurfPrivilege #HansRiemer #MCPS

Part 4:
These pictures were also taken on July 19, 2018, and document the removal of the football field of plastic grass and 120 tons of crumb rubber from Richard Montgomery High School.

These pictures show the rolls of articicial turf carpet and crumb rubber that were left behind at RMHS after the tractor trailer load was taken away.

Remember that the "field" was shipped to White Marsh, Maryland on July 18th according to the TurfCycle USA letter distributed by County Council President Hans Riemer.  These pictures were taken after the "field" was sent to White Marsh.  It would appear that these are the rolls of artificial turf and crumb rubber that ended up in dumpsters and shipped off to the Brunswick, VA landfill.

These pictures document at least 34 rolls of artificial turf filled with crumb rubber that were not taken to the White Marsh, MD "storage facility."

See Parade of Pollution posts documenting the pollution to our stormwater and environment from the removal of this one artificial turf football field at this link.

16 rolls of artificial turf at far end of field

18+ rolls of artificial turf a near end  (concession)

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