Friday, March 13, 2009

Howard Co. to provide free public education

The changes follow a moratorium on activity fees and all other requests to parents for supplies imposed by Superintendent Sydney Cousin last fall.

“We wanted to be sure there was some consistency, and more importantly, we wanted to be sure we weren’t asking for things the school system should be supplying,” Cousin said in October. “Free and public education is what the state says we should be supplying and that’s what we’ll do.”
How did Howard County Public Schools look at the exact same laws and the exact same letter from the Maryland Attorney General's office and come up with different conclusions from Superintendent Weast?

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  1. In Howard County -
    Examples of materials of instruction that are provided by the school free of charge are:
    • Calculator* (in class sets)
    • Cooking utensils and food
    • Sheet music
    • Photography chemicals and paper
    • Calculator batteries
    • Science activity materials
    • General art supplies
    • Safety equipment
    • Science equipment


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