Saturday, March 28, 2009

Morally, ethically, legally defensible Gifted and Talented Education

A silent majority of us have advocated, and continue to advocate, a morally, ethically, legally defensible gifted and talented education.

We utterly reject the belief that a select few are more knowledgeable than others.

We eschew the notion that parents should be led by the nose to feed at the trough of GT.

Instead, we have embraced data driven change.

We have demanded that Advisory Committee meetings should be “open,” and, as has been announced the April 16 meeting will be an open meeting.

We have initiated requests for and pursued release of the GT ID data.

We have insisted on the release of the proposed policy IOA being released to the public together with the overview.

We have irrevocably embraced state law as it applies to GT education.

We have demanded that all sides demonstrate the validity of their claims.

We do not believe that “GT lost” and we do not believe that people must be manipulated to embrace a view. We believe in the glaring sunlight and openness that must be part of a fair and impartial debate.

We believe the data shows that MCPS GT education has barely changed in thirty-years.

We believe that the philosophy of secret “Advisory Committees” of a chosen few must become a thing of the past.

We have and will continue to advocate for GT.

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