Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New York Times: Artificial Turf, Once All the Rage...

NYT: Artificial Turf, Once All the Rage, is Now an Irritant
...The sport’s turf wars are nearing an end.

Once regarded as magic carpets that would minimize bad hops and rainouts, artificial surfaces are going the way of the dead ball and complete games...

...Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon makes sure to give the All-Star outfielder Carl Crawford days off when he has a lot of consecutive games on turf.

“I got away with it when I was 21,” Crawford said. “I’m a little older now — I’m almost 30, and it becomes tougher. It definitely takes a toll on your body when you have to play 81 games on it...”

...“On day games, the thermometer would read 148 off the turf,” recalled Hernandez, now a Mets broadcaster. Outfielder Reggie Smith, Hernandez said, once called time out during a day game because his rubber cleats had melted...


  1. The article is about baseball stadiums. The turf grass being installed at county fields is an entirely different product. In other words they have nothing to do with each other.

  2. @ Anonymous - You must have missed our blog post on the heat generated by the artificial turf fields being installed at MCPS high schools.

    Doesn't matter the brand, same problems.

  3. @ Anonymous - Actually the turf installed at MCPS high schools gets hotter than 148 degrees:


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