Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weast flop

You've heard of flip-flop? Well this is Weast-flop. 

On October 15, 2009, Superintendent Weast released a memorandum on his recommendations for Takoma Park area school boundary changes. In that memo Superintendent Weast stated the desired utilization range for schools twice:
1)...would remain within the desired 80–100 percent utilization range...
2)...within the ideal utilization level of 80–100 percent...
But just 8 days later he would announce that he was proposing to close an elementary school that is within the exact same range of utilization.

Monocacy Elementary School is within the "desired 80-100 percent utilization range" at 86%. 

Are there different utilization standards for schools in different parts of Montgomery County?


  1. Could the utilization rate threshold be based on projected enrollment?

  2. Utilization rate refers to the number of kids in the building. The June projections for Monocacy ES showed stable enrollment with an increase by 2011. For the last 10 years the June and October projections for Monocacy ES have tracked along the same lines. It is only this year when the June and October long term projections show vasty different plot lines. The purpose of long term planning is to create a database of information to use in planning. Boundary changes, school closings and openings are not surprise, snap decisions. If the Monocacy ES community were being treated fairly the EARLIEST that Monocacy ES would be closed is the 2011-12 school year.


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