Sunday, October 4, 2009

WJ field to be destroyed in 20 days! See it now!

It is a beautiful day! If you are out, take a drive by the Walter Johnson High School stadium on Democracy Boulevard in Bethesda, Maryland.

You only have 20 days left to see the beautiful, brand new sod football field that was installed for 5 home varsity football games this season. It's a beauty! Don't miss it. What you can't see is the underground sprinkler system that was installed to keep the grass pristine for these 5 home football games.

The exclusive Parents' Coalition images on this page show pictures of this beautiful sod back when it was being delivered to Walter Johnson's stadium, just a few months ago!

What MCPS high school wouldn't want this beautiful piece of landscape that cost taxpayers $432,500?

Well, actually, Walter Johnson High School doesn't want it.

The Board of Education doesn't want it.

The County Executive doesn't want it.

The Montgomery County Council doesn't want it.

So in 20 days it will be torn up (underground sprinkler system too) and removed so that Walter Johnson High School can get a brand new artificial turf football field. Yes, this will be WJ's second brand new football field in 6 months. Nothing but the best for the Wildcats! So drive on by today and kiss it good-bye!

UPDATE: ABC 7 News High School Field to be Replaced...Again

UPDATE:  The WJ grass football field has been given a reprieve until the Spring of 2010 when it will be ripped up and replaced with artificial turf.  Anybody want some used sod and underground sprinkler parts?

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