Sunday, February 27, 2011

87+/- year old trees to make way for super-sized school

The following comes to us from a member of the McKenney Hills Forest Conservation Group, which has devoted countless hours since September to save the forest surrounding the site of the former McKenney Hills Elementary School.  

MCPS, in a belated response to overcrowding at Oakland Terrace ES in Kensington and other elementary schools, designed a school for three times the number of students compared to the school that stood on the site (until they razed it to the ground last year).  As a consequence, MCPS had asked the M-NCPPC Planning Board for permission to expand the site by cutting 90 - 120 trees on slopes that M-NCPPC staff describes as "steep and highly erodible".  

If you have Google Earth on your computer, enter the location of the school (2600 Hayden Drive Silver Spring MD 20902) to see the site and surrounding forest, all of which belongs us, the citizens of Montgomery County.

The image in this blog post is of the McKenney Hills site taken from the location of the former school. The former school was demolished in 2009. The trees shown in this photograph are the ones along the part of the site that borders the Legacy Open Space land that the late Wayne Goldstein worked to protect.  

Here's an update on how the Board of Education tricked the community into thinking that a smaller school would be built on this site.


  1. Can Jerry Weast cut down more trees than the Redskins owner?

  2. Yet you'll post such drivel like 2:39 and will avoid posting anything that argues against your side

    - LCG


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