Saturday, February 12, 2011

Who is in the running to be Superintendent of Schools?

The names of candidates for Superintendent of Schools are beginning to surface.  

Here are the list of candidates narrowed down for consideration in Ann Arbor Michigan:

The candidates are:
• William DeFrance, superintendent of Eaton Rapids Public Schools in Michigan;
• Patricia Green, superintendent of the North Allegheny School District in Pennsylvania;
• Paul Long, chief executive officer of the Pennsbury School District in Pennsylvania;
• Michael Munoz, chief academic officer of Des Moines Public Schools in Iowa;
• Shelley Redinger, superintendent of the Oregon Trail School District in Oregon
• Manuel Rodriguez, assistant superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools in       Maryland

Too bad we don't live in Ann Arbor, Michigan.   We'll never see this level of transparency in Montgomery County.  

I'd trade transparency for snow - and at least in Michigan the school systems are used to dealing with weather.

The good news for those in MoCo who are lamenting the secrecy of our own school board search, the news from Ann Arbor is good- we know the identity of some of the candidates looking to change jobs.  

Even if our own search firm is keeping mum on the search, we can learn from our fellow parents in Falls Church and Ann Arbor.  

Now I wonder - are we getting a good value from the MoCo search firm?  How much do the search firms under contract in Falls Church and Ann Arbor charge for their services?

And what is the salary for the head of Public Information in Ann Arbor?  Maybe we should look into recruiting their PIO for MoCo too.

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