Thursday, February 10, 2011

Invitation to Interview the Superintendent of Schools

Would you like to interview the next Superintendent of Schools?

You can - daily interviews are scheduled now through February 15.

Aren't you lucky to live in Falls Church!!!

Here is the information provided to Falls Church taxpayers on who applied to be their next Superintendent:

Falls Church Press Release, January 28, 2011

In all, 26 completed applications arrived from Virginia to California to New York and include current and former superintendents, central office administrators, principals and others.  The school board has blocked out February 1st through the 15th to conduct the first round of interviews.
  • 6 current former/superintendents
  • 11 assistant/deputy superintendents
  • 5 central office administrators
  • 2 principal/building level administrators
  • 2 other
  • 20 men – 6 women
  • 19 white – 7 non-white
  • 10 Virginia applicants
  • 16 out-of-state applications: Maryland (4), Pennsylvania (3), New York (2), and one each from Wisconsin, Illinois, California, Oklahoma, Georgia, Rhode Island and Nevada.

Do you think that we will get this same level of detail concerning the search to replace Dr. Weast?

I wonder how much Falls Church pays for their Public Information Office?  

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