Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ex-MCPS Employee Petitions for Cell Tower at Middle School in Silver Spring

How do Montgomery County Public Schools end up with cell phone towers on the playgrounds? 

Here is the Petition for a Special Exception that is before a Montgomery County Planning Board Hearing Examiner tomorrow to place a cell tower compound at Sligo Middle School. Sligo Middle School includes the Oakland Terrace kindergartens and an Infant and Toddler's Program. 

You can see that the Petition to place a cell phone tower compound at Sligo Middle School is signed by Joseph J. Lavorgna.   The date on this Petition is November 23, 2010. Who is Mr. Lavorgna? Someone named Joseph J. Lavorgna retired from MCPS in 2005.  See page 5 at this link for the retirement celebration announcement. 

Cell tower applications require the signature of the property owner.  What legal right does a former MCPS employee have to sign a Petition to place a cell tower on a Montgomery County Public School site that is owned by the Board of Education?

February 11, 2011 
9:30 AM 
100 Maryland Avenue 
Rockville, MD 
2nd Floor hearing room  
Public Welcome

Sligo Middle School T-Mobile Petition

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