Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wash Post to Fed Workers: Drop Dead

As someone who works with the federal government, as do many of my neighbors, imagine my surprise to pick up yesterday's Washington Post 'Express' and see this headline: 'What Shutdown? Wondering what you'll miss if Congress can't reach a deal on the spending cuts? The answer: not much.'

Wow! how about a paycheck? how about that mortgage payment? the daycare payment? groceries? miss much? Not sure which editor was asleep at the wheel on that one.  So much for the 'hometown newspaper.'

Let's reverse the headline.  Let's see...if we cancel our WashPost subscriptions, how much will we miss? Answer: not much.  Lots of other great choices here in the DC area.  And what about those courses our kids take at Kaplan, which is what keeps the Post afloat financially.  What if we switch to the Princeton Review, or one of the many other private companies offering tutoring for SATs? What would we miss? Again, not much.

So, how about it folks.  To drop your subscription to the Post, call 202-334-6100.  And, forget about those Kaplan tutors.  We have plenty of choices in the Washington area for first-rate tutors and SAT prep classes.

Miss the Post? not much.

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  1. Well now you know how teachers feel every time they pick up the newspaper (Gazette, Post, etc.) and see how awful they are for having such high salaries, benefits and pensions.

    No mention of the millions they have given back or the hours of overtime they work unpaid.

    Then again, there are a few local websites that insinuate the same ideas as well...


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