Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You won't hear THIS in Montgomery County!

"He has set up an ethics commission, pledged to stop giving credit cards to county employees and told his staff to accept nothing of value, including meals.”

Go Prince George's County Executive Rushern L. Baker III!!!! That was easy! 

The Washington Post: Johnson, former Prince George's county executive, charged with taking $200,000 in bribes


  1. because we all know that PG is free of problems. . . Jack B. Johnson, anyone?

  2. That's right. You won't even HEAR any elected officials in Montgomery County even admit they have a taxpayer paid for credit card, well except for Board member Phil Kauffman! He's happy to waive it in your face.

    In Montgomery County they know how to keep these types of perks quiet.


    So much for transparency

    Baker's top place for cash on hand stems from a Jan. 13 donation of $200,000 from a new political committee called County 1 Now. The group, which did not file a finance report with the state, raised all its money in an eight-day period and funneled it directly to Baker.

    Adams was unable to provide contact information for County 1 Now or say where the group received more than $206,000 in donations in two weeks to pass on to Baker.


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