Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Joshua Starr to have transition team of 12!

Just a little question...who is paying for this? Because you know a "transition team" is going to need supplies, expenses, and lunches for starters...

And, oh...who ELSE is on this "transition team"? Maybe the Stamford Times will report more on this! 

The Stamford Times: Norwalk school administrator to help transition of Stamford superintendent

STAMFORD -- The outgoing superintendent of Stamford Public Schools has recruited the superintendent of Norwalk Public Schools to help him transition this summer into his new job. 
After six years in this city, Joshua P. Starr announced last month he would resign to become the leader of Montgomery County Public Schools -- the same district where Susan Marks spent three decades before she moved to Norwalk last summer to lead city schools. 
"She has a unique knowledge of the system and has stepped away in the past year, so I am confident she would provide some really good insight into the teaching and learning environment, the culture and context and the operations," Starr said. 
His transition committee will be comprised of nearly 12 people, he said. No work has begun yet...

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