Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Courageous Young Men Leadership Camp

Watch the MCPS video:

(*just wondering why there isn't a Courageous Young Women Leadership Camp?)

MCPS 2013 Grade 3 MSA Math Scores

School NameGrade 3 Math 2013
Carderock Springs Elementary100
Cashell Elementary100
Wayside Elementary98.92473118
Cold Spring Elementary98
Bannockburn Elementary96.36363636
Bradley Hills Elementary96.25
Rachel Carson Elementary95.89041096
Wyngate Elementary95.76271186
Farmland Elementary95.19230769
Germantown Elementary95.12195122
Ashburton Elementary95.04132231
Seven Locks Elementary94.64285714
Spark M. Matsunaga Elementary School93.92265193
Travilah Elementary93.50649351
Fallsmead Elementary93
Chevy Chase Elementary92.43697479
Cedar Grove Elementary92.38095238
Beall Elementary92.30769231
Potomac Elementary92.22222222
Thurgood Marshall Elementary91.76470588
Westbrook Elementary91.66666667
Kensington Parkwood Elementary91.58878505
Bells Mill Elementary91
Wood Acres Elementary90.60402685
Beverly Farms Elementary90.38461538
College Gardens Elementary90.27777778
Somerset Elementary90.0990099
Luxmanor Elementary90
Lakewood Elementary89.79591837
William Tyler Page Elementary89.47368421
Stone Mill Elementary89.32038835
Garrett Park Elementary88.99082569
Ronald A. McNair Elementary88.97058824
Monocacy Elementary88.46153846
Stonegate Elementary88.23529412
Lois P. Rockwell Elementary87.80487805
Olney Elementary87.75510204
Damascus Elementary87.23404255
East Silver Spring Elementary87.03703704
Sligo Creek Elementary86.81318681
Lucy V. Barnsley Elementary86.66666667
Bethesda Elementary86.66666667
Burning Tree Elementary85.91549296
Diamond Elementary85.8490566
Brooke Grove Elementary85.71428571
Little Bennett Elementary85.46511628
Jones Lane Elementary84.7826087
Wheaton Woods Elementary84.50704225
Oakland Terrace Elementary84.28571429
Laytonsville Elementary84.14634146
Poolesville Elementary84.12698413
Woodlin Elementary83.96226415
William B. Gibbs, Jr.83.33333333
North Chevy Chase Elementary83.33333333
Fairland Elementary82.79569892
Rock Creek Forest Elementary82.71604938
Cloverly Elementary82.35294118
Belmont Elementary82.35294118
Clearspring Elementary82.27848101
Candlewood Elementary82.25806452
Washington Grove Elementary82.05128205
Greenwood Elementary81.81818182
Maryvale Elementary81.48148148
Cannon Road Elementary81.3559322
Sherwood Elementary81.33333333
Rolling Terrace Elementary80.90909091
Viers Mill Elementary80.8988764
Darnestown Elementary80.59701493
Flower Valley Elementary80.26315789
Piney Branch Elementary78.65168539
Fox Chapel Elementary78.31325301
Flora M. Singer Elementary School77.77777778
Westover Elementary77.77777778
Clarksburg Elementary77.08333333
Jackson Road Elementary76.59574468
Sequoyah Elementary76.31578947
Forest Knolls Elementary75.24752475
DuFief Elementary75
Highland View Elementary75
Woodfield Elementary74.57627119
Ritchie Park Elementary74.25742574
Brookhaven Elementary74.07407407
Rock View Elementary73.46938776
Goshen Elementary73.40425532
Burnt Mills Elementary71.76470588
Judith A. Resnik Elementary71.01449275
Sargent Shriver Elementary71
Galway Elementary70.80291971
Waters Landing Elementary70.68965517
Pine Crest Elementary70.33898305
Great Seneca Creek Elementary70.3125
Rosemont Elementary69.8630137
Lake Seneca Elementary69.3877551
Highland Elementary68.91891892
Burtonsville Elementary68.85245902
Rock Creek Valley Elementary68.85245902
S. Christa McAuliffe Elementary68.75
Georgian Forest Elementary68.6746988
Mill Creek Towne Elementary68.42105263
Strawberry Knoll Elementary68.35443038
Fields Road Elementary67.69230769
Dr. Sally K. Ride Elementary66.66666667
Weller Road Elementary66.27906977
Cresthaven Elementary65.6626506
Brown Station Elementary65.33333333
Glen Haven Elementary65.33333333
Strathmore Elementary61.97183099
Glenallan Elementary61.84210526
Kemp Mill Elementary60.9375
Watkins Mill Elementary59.81308411
Flower Hill Elementary59.45945946
Summit Hall Elementary58.88888889
Dr. Charles R. Drew Elementary58.53658537
Stedwick Elementary58.13953488
Harmony Hills Elementary56.70103093
Captain James E. Daly Elementary56.32183908
Oak View Elementary55.04587156
Twinbrook Elementary53.84615385
Arcola Elementary51.88679245
South Lake Elementary51.72413793
Greencastle Elementary49.57983193
Gaithersburg Elementary49.55752212
Meadow Hall Elementary48.4375
Whetstone Elementary46.66666667
Broad Acres Elementary45.16129032

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Washington Post Letter: Montgomery school superintendent passes the buck

Washington Post, print edition, July 30, 2013

"I was surprised and disappointed by Montgomery County School Superintendent Joshua P. Starr’s reaction to the report that 45 percent of public high school students in the county failed final exams in math [“Fail rate still high on math finals,” Metro, July 27]. Mr. Starr’s explanations were bizarre..."

To read the whole letter, CLICK HERE.

The Washington Post: With honeymoon over, expectations rise for Montgomery County schools chief

Maryland 2013 Grade 8 Math MSA Scores by County

LEA NameGrade 8 Math 2013
Saint Mary's76.20211899
Queen Anne's69.03114187
All Public Schools67.00429814
Baltimore County66.41049424
Anne Arundel66.34137686
Prince George's51.77088422
Baltimore City37.85900783