Friday, December 6, 2013

New County Council President expected to use alternative transporation

Update:  According to the Washington Post, Rice's license was not yet suspended because it takes some amount of time for the MVA to process a suspension request.   It seems that Mr. Rice managed to slip through a bureaucratic hole in the system. 

Montgomery County Council President Craig Rice might no longer be driving to County Council meetings -- or anywhere else, for that matter.

Rice, a strong supporter of Bus Rapid Transit and other forms of public transportation, appears to no longer hold a valid driver's license.   After failing to pay a traffic citation and failing to appear in court (for at least the third time in recent years), the District Court advised the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration to suspend Mr. Rice's driver's license.

District Court of Maryland Online Docket
There is no word on whether other County Council members will follow Mr. Rice's lead in moving to alternative forms of transportation.


  1. Not the best way to begin one's council presidency...

  2. There will be a litigation
    For this darn abomination
    How can I get things in motion
    Without any transportation?

  3. How can a Montgomery County Councilmember be a no-show in a court of law??? And now he's the council president???!!! Was there a bench warrant? What's Rice's problem? How can RIce be a "lawmaker" when he breaks the law?

  4. @Anonymous Dec 8, 1:16 pm, the laws don't apply in Montgomery County. Council President Rice is free to do whatever he wants. I would request, though, if anyone sees him driving a car, please take a snapshot and email it to us here at PC. We will be glad to post it. Just for fun.

  5. And more - its not just MoCo who has a stake in Rice's driving:

  6. Kudos to Parents Coalition for breaking this story!!! Check out WTOP "Core Values" (when posted) at Chris Core takes Rice on calling him a "scofflaw." I haven't heard Chris Core this indignant for quite some time.

  7. Craig Rice has been a very disappointing council representative. We were redistricted out of the excellent Phil Andrews' district and gerrymandered in with Craig Rice. He uses his constituents as a stepping stone in his political career and never returns phone calls. Some of his staff members are functionally illiterate and lack integrity. They are busy justifying why Craig Rice is an unresponsible elected official rather than responding to constituent concerns! What was the county council thinking when they elected him President? Political correctness? The tail wagging the dog! Can't wait to see him voted off the county council-he's done nothing of use whatsoever!


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