Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It's Magic! Senate Committee Amends SB460 Without Introduction of All Amendments

Ladies and Gentleman please direct your attention to the center ring where you will find our Ring Master, Senator Jamie Raskin! 

On Friday, March 7th the Maryland Senate's Judicial Proceedings Committee reviewed Senate Bill 460.  This is the bill that deals with sexual contact between persons in a position of authority and teens.  We have the audio of that committee meeting and know what words were spoken by the Committee members.  You can listen to the discussion here.

What did you hear? Did you hear just two changes to the bill, a change to delete the 7 year gap and the inclusion of part-time employees?  Take a look at what the Senate Committee claims they actually did here. Look at all the lines drawn through the bill!  Did you hear all those changes introduced in the March 7th discussion? Were these changes seconded? Approved?  It's magic!

On March 11th the full Senate voted on SB 460. Here is the March 11th statement that Senator Jamie Raskin gave the full Senate on the changes to this bill.  Does this statement follow what was discussed on March 7th in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee?  Anyone having trouble following what the Senate is doing on this bill?


  1. This can possibly be used as a visual acuity test.

  2. Never so many have produced so few lines; now if they could only tackle the tax code.


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