Sunday, March 2, 2014

#RockTerrace Case is Financial Bonanza for @MCPS Outside Counsel!

Let's add up the outside counsel legal fees that MCPS has spent so far on the Rock Terrace matter.

May 2013: $4,305
June 2013: $2,030
July: $23,542 PLUS $10,460

The Carney Kelehan bill for July 2013 totaled $76,156. The largest amount was for personnel matters ($44,628), the largest part of which related to a school financial investigation case ($23,542). The next largest amount was for policy matters ($25,353), the largest part of which related to subpoenas and requests for student records ($10,460).

August 2013: $3,431
October 2013 $8,699
November 2013: $4,307

Now that adds up to over $50,000!

(*Unfortunately, the MCPS legal fee reports are not very detailed. Most of the above charges are attributed to "subpoenas and requests for student records." We don't know whether MCPS was subject to subpoena for student records in the "Joynes" case. We do know that MCPS was required to notify parents of students at Rock Terrace that their records were being subject to subpoena.)

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  1. The payouts to outside council would have easily paid for a forensic accountant and full restitution with interest for all Rock Terrace students. It appears that MCPS is more concerned about CYA than righting a horrible wrong… what else is new?


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