Monday, May 19, 2014

Larry Bowers Out as MCPS Chief Operating Officer. Starr Immediately Appoints Lunch Buddy

The Washington Post is reporting that MCPS' Chief Operating Officer (COO) Larry Bowers is leaving MCPS.

This will be a big change in how MCPS operates.

MCPS COO Larry Bowers is often the person behind various actions of MCPS when the Superintendent and Board of Education are nowhere to be found.  For example, Larry Bowers was the MCPS staff person who signed for the Board of Education on the Promethean purchases even thought the Board of Education had never voted to approve this purchase.

The immediate appointment of Superintendent Starr's assistant as the new COO signals that the Board of Education will play no role in finding a replacement for the MCPS Chief Operating Officer position.

We don't know much about Andrew Zuckerman except that he is one of Superintendent Joshua Starr's lunch buddies.  By accepting a lunch paid for out of the MCPS Operating Budget  does that signal that Mr. Zuckerman is comfortable with MCPS Operating Budget funds being used as perks for administrators?


  1. MCPS reacts to Larry Bowers
    By terminating all his powers
    He is to be put out to pasture
    Joining Weast in the near future.

  2. Bowers, the consummate autocrat.


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