Monday, June 9, 2014

Suggested Agenda Item for @mocoboe Credit Card Committee

1. Seek explanation of why Roland Ikheloa approved the June 2012 Purchasing Card Transaction Log for Christopher Barclay.

As we see from the picture below, on 6/1/12, Christopher Barclay, Board of Education member, charged $85.83, at the CVS in Langley Park, MD. In the "supplies/Services" blank, someone listed "Used Instead of Personal Card - To Be Reimbursed."

The Purchasing Card Transaction Log contains the following statement: I certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the transactions recorded for the month indicated on this purchasing card log are correct and complete. All purchases were made in support of school programs as outlined in the Purchase Card Guide. I understand that any material misrepresentation or omission from this log maybe grounds for cancellation of my purchase card privilege and/or disciplinary action.

The Purchasing Card Transaction Log is signed by Christopher S. Barclay (undated) and what appears to be the signature of Roland Ikheloa, Chief of Staff to Board of Education, and is dated 8/3/12.

Why did Mr. Ikheloa approve this Transaction Log, when clearly the American Express Card was NOT used at CVS in support of school programs, as outlined in the Purchase Card Guide?

Mr. Barclay claimed in his "statement" that he "made sure to repay the board after any personal expense." Documentation provided by MCPS illustrates that this particular charge of $85.83 was repaid exactly a year later, on 6-21-13.

The Credit Card Committee needs to ask Mr. Ikheloa, and Mr. Barclay himself, why it took ONE YEAR for that particular charge to be repaid.

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