Thursday, June 5, 2014

Who did O'Neill take to Lunch? Sheila Hixson, Richard Madelano, Ann Kaiser, Rebecca Smondrowski, Valerie Ervin...

The expense reports and credit card records for Board of Education member Patricia O'Neill list the names of the guests she took to restaurants with her MCPS credit card.

Compare this to Superintendent Joshua Starr's expense reports and Board of Education member Christopher Barclay's expense reports and you will see some of the same names repeated over and over. 

10/03/13$54.36Hixon, Madelano, Kaiser (In Ocean City at MABE Conference) Legislators
07/08/13$38.18Rebecca Smondrowski
07/17/13$38.93Andrew Zuckerman (Joshua Starr's Chief of Staff)
03/19/13$56.04Shirley Brandman Rebecca Smondrowski
01/24/13$52.20Rebecca Smondrowski
09/27/12$56.78Christopher Barclay, Judy Docca
08/02/12$42.99Valerie Ervin (County Councilmember)

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